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The red Application Error window gives meaningless line number?

For instance, I just got the big red Application Error window with this message:

Result of expression 'annotations' [undefined] is not an object. at geotag.js (line 33)

But line 33 in that file is no where near any line with 'annotations'. So my usual approach is just to search through the whole file for hits on the string 'annotations' to find the problem by inspection. This usually works, but sometimes it's not obvious. Is there something I don't know about what the line number is pointing to?

— asked March 25th 2010 by Bruce Martin
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3 Answers

  • FWIW, I experienced this in 1.0, but it's been fixed for me in 1.1.1 and the row number reported is accurate.

    — answered March 25th 2010 by Robert Carlsen
  • the red screen on the iphone simulator gives you the line in the compressed js if I'm not wrong…

    — answered March 25th 2010 by Dan Tamas
  • So where do I find the compressed js file to use with the Red Screen of Death line number?

    — answered March 27th 2010 by Bruce Martin
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