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Large Media Files: Packaging vs. Downloading after install?

I have an app which is basically a custom player for 6 .mp3 files. When packaged, the .apk is about 30mb.

Right now it seems that the Android Market publish page will not accept that .apk as an upload.

Here are my questions:

  1. Can anyone confirm that large .apk files are a problem? I know 30mb is big but it doesn't seem crazy big . . .
  2. If so, how would I go about having the app download the files upon installation (or first run)?

I'm interested in option 2 anyway, since it would be nice if the media files would go to a familiar location on the users phone. Is this how wallpaper apps (and similar) work?) I'd like to make some similar apps and I'd like to know what the best practice is for this problem. If you could point me to the answer, or another Q&A or outside blog post, I'd appreciate it.

— asked October 20th 2010 by Jeremy Raines
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