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Cannot verify Java is correctly installed via command line on Windows

Hi everyone I am new to Appcelerator and thought I would report an issue I was having following the official PDF setup guide for windows on the appcelerator guide.

There is a major typo in the setup PDF which made me think I had not installed Java correctly when indeed I had.

On page 8 of the PDF it asks you to check your java version with "javac -version", this is incorrect and should read "java -version".

Just thought I would post this here just in case others were pulling their hair out wondering why javac -version command was not working for them.

— asked November 4th 2010 by David Mac
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1 Answer

  • Well I did a bit more research and discovered that this is not a typo, if the command "javac -version" is not working for you then try this workaround which I found worked for me.

    go to start then right click on mycomputer and choose properties from the context menu, open the advanced tab and press environment variables button. Then press the new button and create a new variable called "PATH" and for the value insert the path to your jdk bin folder, for example mine was "C:\Java\jdkl.6.0_21\bin".

    Now open up your command console and try "javac -version" command again to ensure everything is fine. This works fine on XP SP3, if you are on windows 7 you will most probably have to run as administrator.

    — answered November 4th 2010 by David Mac
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