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httpclient settimeout and onerror don't work in android?

I'm using Android and cannot get either settimeout or onerror to work with the httpclient object. Here is the code:

function ajaxCall(method, callbackFunction) {
    var loader = Ti.Network.createHTTPClient();
    loader.onload = callbackFunction;
    loader.onerror = ajaxError;
    loader.open("GET", url + method);

I've tried setTimeout with and without the braces and it does nothing either way, it never triggers the onerror function, even if I disconnect my internet. What am I missing? Is this one more Android bug to add to the list of a hundred I've already found in my first week of Appcelerator development?

— asked November 6th 2010 by Justin Toth
  • httpclient
  • settimeout

1 Answer

  • I saw this on an old posting

    — answered November 7th 2010 by Aaron Saunders
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    • Thanks for the response, but I saw that post and like I said, "I've tried setTimeout with and without the braces and it does nothing either way". Basically I'm just trying to make sure that I can handle errors in my ajax calls gracefully, as if the internet connection drops out for a moment on the phone it shouldn't crash the app.

      — commented November 7th 2010 by Justin Toth
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