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multiple line on tableview row?

I have my tableview that is pulling records locally as list of addresses, and I'm trying to add something along the lines of

Address (pulled from db)
x miles from location

I can add the x miles by doing the following

                    id: rows.fieldByName('id'),
                      lat: rows.fieldByName('lat'),
                    lon: rows.fieldByName('lon'),
                    title: rows.fieldByName('caption') + "\n x miles from location",
                    info: rows.fieldByName('info'),
                    hasChild: true

and it works fine. However, when I click the row, I DONT want it to show the 'x miles from location', thats just for this view only.

So is there another way to do it where its not actually part of the title?

— asked November 7th 2010 by Josh Lewis
  • multiline
  • tableview
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  • Josh

    I think we are missing part of the story here. In order for "…it to show the x miles from location", you need to have some code that creates this effect (probably an eventlistener).

    Try to shorten your script to its simplest form which just demonstrates this issue and paste it to github gist, to give us something to work on, and then someone I'm sure will help you.



    — commented November 7th 2010 by Paul Dowsett

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