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AdMob Integration with Android

I'm trying to get Admob integrated into my Android app and am having trouble. Using a combination of other posts I've gotten this far:

var adUrl = "http://tothsolutions.com/ad/mobile";
var numRetries = 0;
var maxRetries = 10;

ajaxCall(adUrl, displayAd);//this just does a httpclient get request and calls displayad onload

function displayAd() {
    var html = addEventToHtml(this.responseText);
    if (html && html.indexOf("No ads found") == -1) {
        var adWebView = Ti.UI.createWebView({ /*url: adUrl,*/height: 48, bottom: 0, left: 0, right: 0,
            scalesPageToFit: false, touchEnabled: false, html: html

Titanium.App.addEventListener("openWebView", function (e) {
    console.log("in adwebview click event");

function addEventToHtml(html){
    var regex = /href=".*">/;
    var links = [];
    try {
        links = html.match(regex);
        console.log('number of links found: ' + links.length);
    catch (exc){
        console.log('no links found');
        if (numRetries <= maxRetries) {
            setTimeout(displayAd, 10000);
        return html ? html.replace("</body>", "No ads found!</body>") : null;
    links[0] = links[0].substring(6, links[0].length - 2);
    Ti.API.info('link: ' + links[0]);
    var newLink = "href=\"#\" onClick=\"Ti.App.fireEvent('openWebView', {url:'" + links[0] + "'});return false\">";
    var newHtml = html_code.replace(regex, newLink);
    return newHtml;

The code seems like it should work. The problem is that every time it does a GET on my external web page containing admob code, it only generates a 1x1 pixel image instead of a link so the code above generates "no links found". Is admob blocking this approach now and if so, how am I supposed to get ads working?

— asked November 7th 2010 by Justin Toth
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