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Horiziontal Scrolling in a table view

I have a table and on each row I have a list of images that I want to scroll horizontally.

Is this possible ?

I have tried creating a table row, create a scrollView, added images to scrollview and added the scrollView to the table row.

— asked November 8th 2010 by derek johnston
  • horizontal
  • ipad
  • rows
  • scolling
  • table
  • How did you get on? I am also interested in this kind of layout

    — commented March 16th 2011 by David Penney
  • I'm also trying to figure out how to do horizontal scrolling in a table row. Everything I tried crashed the simulator.

    — commented August 15th 2011 by Donald Hughes
  • To those still checking this thread, what platform are you targeting? What mobile SDK version are you using?

    Bear in mind that Android only handles scrolling in one direction per scrollview. This is a limitation of Android, not Appcelerator. Also, nesting scrollviews can result in some unexpected behavior.

    — commented August 16th 2011 by Tony Lukasavage

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