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where does Titanium use Kroll during compilation?

I'm confused on learn the compilation process of Titanium project now.
I Know that Kroll is the core of the Titanium product,but how exactly does it work during the compile-time?The JavaScript file(such like app.js) was finally be compiled to .class file,should't .class file been compiled from some java file?Each API of Titanium can be found a implementation by Java which was packaged by .jar(such as titanium-media.jar),does these .jar been used during compile the .class file?

Can I say the compile process like this?

app.js=>(by kroll and webkit)=>.class=>(by android compiler)=>.dex==>finanl app(.apk)

another question is that seems compilation by Titanium was finished by .class file was gengrated?and then let Android SDK to do the last work,like compile the .class file to .dex, and .apk in the last process.So does it mean that I can gengrate my own Android App using the Android SDK tools by these *.class and maybe some reference (such as titanium.jar,js.jar and commons-codec-1.3.jar etc) without Titanium Developer?

— asked November 8th 2010 by Wen Bin
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