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iPhone Orientation not changing

Hello, I've coded my app and the orientation refuses to change. No matter what. Im running sdk 4.1. I haven't touched the orientation settings. And by default the application should change orientations.

Its really annoying to watch a video when you change the orientation and nothing happens.


— asked November 10th 2010 by Matt Hebs
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  • No special code when you make an iphone app by default it works in all orientations. Mine only works in portrait for some reason. I've tried adding the window.orientationModes

    But nothing seems to work. I've read about how to get it working. Tried things nothing seems to be working. When I do implement it. I flip the phone the view flashes for a second but always gots back to portrait.

    — commented November 10th 2010 by Matt Hebs
  • I have a table view. Which in landscape mode stays in portrait, When I play a movie and I rotate it to landscape it stays in portrait.

    — commented November 10th 2010 by Matt Hebs

3 Answers

  • I think it might be related to this ticket

    — answered November 10th 2010 by Aaron Saunders
  • If you can post a simple example which demonstrates this behavior, that will be helpful in troubleshooting or getting the info necessary to file a bug report in Lighthouse.

    — answered November 10th 2010 by Kevin Whinnery
  • You may need to add the windows supported orientation types, then add an event listener "Ti.Gesture.addEventListener('orientationchange', YourFunction);", then in your orientationchange function call "Ti.UI.orientation = Ti.UI.LANDSCAPE_LEFT" or what ever orientation you want.

    — answered June 3rd 2011 by James Adams
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