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Click Event in a TableView but Outside of the TableViewRows

I'm writing an iPad app. I have a splitview with a table filling the entire detailview. I have a couple of sections and rows inside of my table, but while the table fills the entire height of the view, the rows and sections don't cover the entire area. I need to know when someone taps outside of the rows.

So it would seem I could attach an event to the tableview like so:

Ti.API.info("Table CLICK!");

However, I never see this event fire.

It seems there must be some subview capturing the event, but I'm not sure what this would be.

Any ideas?

— asked November 11th 2010 by Reed Abbott
  • event
  • tableview
  • tableviewrow
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  • did you check to see if the event is passed through to the object containing the tableView

    — commented November 11th 2010 by Aaron Saunders

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