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Using mobclix with appcelerator


I'm trying to integrate mobclix with my appcelerator application. However, they provide a direct objective C integration method. Does anyone know how I would go about implementing mobclix?


— asked November 13th 2010 by Connor Zwick
  • c
  • mobclix
  • objective
  • write a module, it is not that hard, I have done a bunch already,

    BTW, do you really think the mobclix is better than admob? i heard the mobclix payment really slow.

    — commented December 17th 2010 by jason hu
  • Is there some sort of tutorial for writing a module?

    — commented January 7th 2011 by Connor Zwick
  • Hi Jason-
    I'm also trying to integrate mobclix api via custom IOS module in my Titanium App. So it will be grate if you provide sample code or link to view sample code from your bunch that you have created


    — commented January 10th 2011 by Sandil Shah

5 Answers

  • I am interested in this as well.

    — answered November 13th 2010 by Jeffrey Messick
  • Me too! Hmm… is there a way to create a module for this?

    Some clients want Google Analytics as well!

    — answered November 13th 2010 by Savvas Panagiotidis
  • So it seems like this is something a lot of people want to know how to do. Can anyone at least answer for us that are newer to titanium, is this possible?

    — answered November 14th 2010 by Connor Zwick
  • There is a Mobclix module in the marketplace with a free trial since yesterday. Cheers!

    — answered April 25th 2012 by Jan Helleman
  • man, even the existing iAd integration is problematic, the admob modules submitted by one member is ok, but crashes sometimes, I think appcelerator somehow has no intention to put some real efforts on this Ad integration.

    without the most important piecen (make money!!), what's the point to use appcelerator ? We developers don't really just code for fun !!!

    — answered November 14th 2010 by jason hu
    • Can you share some details on your issues with iAd? I have an app up with them and haven't seen any issues myself but that doesn't mean users aren't seeing problems.

      — commented November 14th 2010 by Brian Raymond
    • first of all, there is always a black background show up before an iAd shows, then iAd covers it, I set the bg as transparent already.
      second, it doesn't work in landscape mode. it still shows the short portrait one.
      my app is also in app store

      — commented December 17th 2010 by jason hu
    • and it fails on iPad: crashes the app if is in landscape mode, but only on device, not on emulator.

      — commented May 17th 2011 by Javier Rayon
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