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scrollableView 'bottom' not working

I'm trying to align a scrollable view to the bottom, but when i set bottom: 0 it doesn't do anything. Is there something else i need to make sure to set?

poster = Titanium.UI.createScrollableView({
      bottom: 10,
      views: [posters[0], posters[1], posters[2]]
— asked November 14th 2010 by Cory Dorning
  • android
  • position
  • scrollableview
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  • Cory, there is nothing glaringly wrong with your snippet from what I can tell. Would you post a working script (one that you have confirmed runs, when someone cuts and pastes it into their environment)? Then someone will take a look at it.

    — commented November 14th 2010 by Paul Dowsett

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