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Should test iAd always display?

Trying to figure out why my app that is live in the Apple store doesn't consistently display ads. I thought it was maybe only cause Apple doesn't always have ads for my type of app.

However, when running the developer version in iOS and on my device, sometimes the ad displays, sometimes it doesn't.

Should the Test Advertisement message from iAds display consistently, or does it not load all the time like a normal ad might?

If it is loading improperly, I can't figure out why - as I don't see any messages in Titanium. This is under Xcode 3.2.5 in Titanium 1.4.2 on the 4.2 SDK

— asked November 18th 2010 by neil epstein
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5 Answers

  • Hello I have the same problem sometimes iAd displays the test Advertisement and sometimes the view isn't showed.

    Could anybody who uses iad say his experiment or know anybody why I have this problem?


    — answered February 10th 2011 by Tommy Ziegler
  • Apple asks that if the ad does not exists then nothing should be displayed ( no empty space ) so maybe this is the way they allow you to test it :)
    For me it worked as the load event does not trigger if the ad does not exists.

    — answered February 10th 2011 by Dan Tamas
  • I think this is intentional from Apple so you can test the behaviour when you have a blank iAd frame.

    — answered February 10th 2011 by Andrew Burgess
  • I'm running into this with the dev environment as well, but I believe the author posted that his live app is not always showing ads.

    Is this a problem with Apple, Titanium, or just the way it works?

    That is, shouldn't iAd constantly be showing ads when it is live?

    — answered February 18th 2011 by Jaime Fuhr
  • Same issue here. Sometimes the test iAd shows up and sometimes it doesnt. When it doesn't it never shows up. Meaning that i'd need to force quit the app to get it to show up. Definitely not normal behavior.

    also if the test iAd does show up. it sometimes fades away and isn't replaced with another test iAd. i'd also need to force quit and reload the app to sometimes get it to appear. I'd think that giving a tab focus or switching tabs would cause that ad to appear again. but no luck.

    Anyone have a similar issue and have a solution?

    — answered March 6th 2011 by Dave F
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