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[iphone] Webview Event for Mail


I have a WebView with different links (Telephone, mails, and URL)

I wrote this code, which is working BUT just ONE time :

function load()

            var mail = document.getElementsByClassName("mail");

            for(var m=0; m<mail.length;m++){

                    Ti.API.info("clique HTML "+e.target.innerHTML);




            var atonis = document.getElementById("atonis"); 





And when a i click on one link all is OK (i have my EventListener in the main App)

So, what can i do for make this code works all the time ? (If i click on one mail adress, i expect to click on another link….)

Thank you for Help ;)

PS : i tried to see how to bind events on Javascript, but i found nothing…. :/

— asked November 18th 2010 by Vivien Brissat
  • eventlistener
  • iphone
  • mails
  • webview
1 Comment
  • can you post the event code? Are the event actually getting fired?

    — commented November 18th 2010 by Aaron Saunders

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