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CoverFlowView not throwing swipe and touchmove/end/start events

I need to set the correct label under a coverflowview, not only after a change event (which works), but also during a swipe.
But swipe events are not catched.

This is my code. Any help? Thanks in advance.

    cfview = Titanium.UI.createCoverFlowView({
    cfview.addEventListener('change',function(e) {
        Ti.API.info("change: "+e.index+", selected is "+cfview.selected);
    cfview.addEventListener('swipe',function(e) {
        Ti.API.info("swipe: selected is "+cfview.selected);
— asked November 21st 2010 by MAURIZIO SILIANI
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  • We are having the same problem with any Touch/Tap based events attached to a coverflowview. They are just not being thrown.

    — commented January 31st 2011 by Nat Fast

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