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24h mode for timepicker?

is it possible to change the timepicker from am/pm to 24h mode?


— asked November 25th 2010 by marcin kolonko
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  • btw, i tried to change the android settings to use 24h in date & time

    — commented November 25th 2010 by marcin kolonko

4 Answers

  • on iPhone this is linked to the 'International' settings of the simulator. You can changed it in the Settings menu on your iPhone simulator. Not sure about Android though.

    — answered November 25th 2010 by Tom Schouteden
  • Up? Did someone manage to change the time picker to 24h mode ?
    The examples from Kitchen Sink show AM/PM even tough my Android phone uses french settings.
    I'm developing an application for my school and it would be really weird for the students here to have to pick a time choosing between AM or PM :(

    — answered April 24th 2011 by Christine Daunique
  • Hi Christine,

    You cannot programmatically control the Display of time in AM/PM or 24hrs …

    Quick Solution is to prompt the user to set 24hr format via Settings->General->Date & Time->24-Hour Time.->on

    — answered April 24th 2011 by Satta Ravi
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    • Hello,

      Thank you for you answer.
      But I already set 24hours format in my settings and just like marcin kolonko, it doesn't change anything: the user still have to click either on the 'AM' or the 'PM' button of the picker (which is not the case in the built-in calendar application, for example)
      Tested both on the Android simulator and my own smartphone.
      I don't know about the Iphone though.

      — commented April 24th 2011 by Christine Daunique
  • Ok, I found a workaround for android by using the 'useSpinner' property of the picker to true. Indeed, I don't know why, but the spinner can display the time in 24hours mode :)

    — answered May 5th 2011 by Christine Daunique
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    • Christine,
      have you found a solution without the useSpinner property ?
      I don't want to change the aspect of the picker.

      — commented March 5th 2012 by Armindo Da Silva
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