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about iOS 4.2

just to share a tiny experience with iOS 4.2. I didn't want to upgrade from 4.1 to 4.2.1 until I had to add iAd to my iPad app.

I initially installed ios 4.2.1 to a separated directory other than /Developer, which has 4.1. I first removed everything under build, oops, no matter what version of Ti I tried, it crapped out in simulator. I even tried the 1.5, I did check the path information, 4.2.1 was in the beginning, after I ran out of options, I deleted all versions of iOS and installed 4.2.1 into the default /Developer. woola, it worked. It worked just fine in both simulator and device.

— asked December 7th 2010 by jason hu
  • 4.2
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