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Can't import KitchenSink project into Titanium 1.1 (Linux 32bit)

I tried to import KitchenSink by clicking on the folder, but no project gets added. In my terminal window (where I launched Titanium from), I see this:

** Message: console message: @0: [18:43:03:052] [Titanium.KEventObject] [Error] Exception caught during event callback (target=[(Process.NativePipe) { ALL : "all", APP_EXIT : "app.exit", CLOSE : "close", CLOSED : "closed", CREATED : "create", EXIT : "exit", FOCUSED : "focused", FULLSCREENED : "fullscreened", HIDDEN : "hidden", HTTP_ABORT : "http.abort", HTTP_DATA_RECEIVED : "http.datareceived", HTTP_DATA_SENT : "http.datasent", HTTP_DONE : "http.done", HTTP_REDIRECT : "http.redirect", HTTP_STATE_CHANGED : "http.statechanged", HTTP_TIMEOUT : "http.timeout", MAXIMIZED : "maximized", MINIMIZED : "minimized", MOVED : "moved", OPEN : "open", OPENED : "opened", OPEN_REQUEST : "open.request", PAGE_INITIALIZED : "page.init", PAGE_LOADED : "page.load", READ : "read", RESIZED : "resized", SHOWN : "shown", UNFOCUSED : "unfocused", UNFULLSCREENED : "unfullscreened", addEventListener : <StaticBoundMethod at 0x9e60f9a8>, attach : <StaticBoundMethod at 0x9e611300>, close : <StaticBoundMethod at 0x9e611008>, detach : <StaticBoundMethod at 0x9e6114b0>, isAttached : <StaticBoundMethod at 0x9e611660>, removeEventListener : <StaticBoundMethod at 0x9e60fd68>, write : <StaticBoundMethod at 0x9e611150>}]): (JavaScript.KKJSObject) { message : "Result of expression 'data' [undefined] is not an object.", line : 1595d, sourceId : -1.43023e+09d, sourceURL : "app://com.appcelerator.titanium.developer/perspectives/projects/js/projects.js", expressionBeginOffset : 42963d, expressionCaretOffset : 42967d, expressionEndOffset : 42972d, name : "TypeError"}

Any ideas?

— asked March 31st 2010 by Mike Edwards
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  • linux
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  • It's good practice to state your mobile platform and SDK versions whenever you post a question, and the question tags field is the most convenient place for this information. See the Participating in the Q&A guide for tips on getting more accurate answers more quickly in these forums.

    Also, please provide the URL where you obtained the KitchenSink.


    — commented April 8th 2011 by Paul Dowsett
  • Similarly, if this is a Titanium Desktop project issue, please make that clear.

    — commented April 8th 2011 by Paul Dowsett

3 Answers

  • failing for me too on windows 1.1 version

    — answered March 31st 2010 by Rajeev Chandrasekaran
  • It looks as if the offending code is here:
    perspectives/projects/js/projects.js line 1595
    under the Titanium source.

    It's got something to do with the iPad. Since I couldn't care less about the iPad, I knocked out those lines and everything worked. That's not really a solution, but it got me working.

    — answered March 31st 2010 by Mike Edwards
  • Which version of python are you running? If you are using python 3 try downgrading to 2.6.1

    — answered April 8th 2011 by Anthony Sessa
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