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How does one get Titanium 1.1 to actually work?

I have the iPhone 3.2GM, it works.
I have android (2.1r5? v7 0.9.6, eclipse galileo… seems like a
gazillion pieces), it works.
two computers, osx 10.6.3

Titanium? dl v 1.1, it says "New Titanium Developer available (version 1.0)" … what? It will start up an iPhone simulator, but whatever exits immediately (http://www.spy.org/tmp/titwtf2.png). For android, it doesn't even always start up the emulator. Well, sometimes it use to… then it stopped… now it doesn't again – it just sits there. I just tried it again, now it's launching the emulator.

"building" for 2.1 google seems to bring up an android emulator, but nothing seems to get installed or launched. for 2.1, there is a warning about titanium.maps. for 1.6, same. nothing seems to get installed or run.

for the iphone – building for 3.1 – lots and lots of js compiling warnings? [WARN] JavaScript compiler reported "Expected to see a statement and instead saw a block." at examples/basic_animation.js:36 etc etc. 3.1 gives an iphone sim, and 3.2 gives an ipad sim. for 3.2, same – nothing seems to run. Finally, the simulator comes up and this message is displayed: [INFO] Application has exited from Simulator. There's a blank screen in the sim, hitting the home button doesn't make the springboard come up.

— asked April 1st 2010 by Scott Yelich
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3 Answers

  • Scott,

    I think you should bear in mind that Titanium Mobile 1.1.2 was released for SDK 3.2 beta 5, if you've upgraded to 3.2GM then you're ahead of the current Titanium Mobile SDK release.


    — answered April 1st 2010 by Chris Reed
  • That is possible – I think the system (1.0? 1.1?) was working better with 3.2b5. Sadly, I don't have
    any non-GM to test on at the moment. I didn't think a (minor?) upgrade from b5 to gm would have
    such a large affect. Plus, I'm not sure that this would affect android. With android, I've tried re-installing 2.1r5 with all the doc sets, etc. I think I have 1.5, 1.6 and 2.1 now. I've tested a few sample apps and they seem to compile/launch/install/run fine.

    I'll see if work has (another) spare mac… for a non GM install.

    — answered April 1st 2010 by Scott Yelich
  • Sure, I jumped the gun myself when 3.2 beta first came out (with Ti Mobile 0.8.3) and ran into a host of peculiar issues . I was only able to rectify things by uninstalling and reinstalling the earlier SDK.

    It's a bit of a lottery as to what changes there might be between beta and production, you're right it should be minimal, but there's always the possibility some last minute, high priority changes were applied.

    I can't help on the Android front I'm afraid, still finding my feet there. Hopefully Titanium Mobile SDK 1.2 will be 3.2DM compatible - if you can hang-back 'til next week.


    — answered April 1st 2010 by Chris Reed
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