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Problem building for distribution

I finally have a 1.0 build of my app and am running into problems packaging it. On the Distribute tab of Developer 1.0, it is detecting the WWDR cert and iTunes, I've obtained the provision profile, but I'm not sure what needs to be uploaded. I've also selected 3.1.2 SDK and selected the distribution cert.
The error I'm getting is:
Packaging Error
Code sign error: Provisioning profile '<null>' can't be found

— asked April 1st 2010 by Troy Taylor
  • certificate
  • distribution
  • provisioning

2 Answers

  • Are you trying to create an Ad Hoc or App Store distribution build? Is this error in iTunes or Developer?
    Do you have any other Xcode / iPhone SDKs installed (3.2 Beta, perhaps?)

    I was having trouble building Ad Hoc versions, and am now sending out debug versions to testers using my developer certificate and development provisioning profile (as mentioned somewhere else in the forums).

    I also had trouble with xcodebuild using the 3.2 SDK despite having selected 3.1 in the Developer pop-up. This causing Developer to install my provisioning profiles in the 3.2 SDK version of Xcode rather than my 3.1 version. I had to remind xcodebuild to use the 3.1 SDK with:

    sudo /usr/bin/xcode-select -switch /Developer

    You could try manually installing the provisioning profile by dragging it onto the Xcode icon.

    — answered April 1st 2010 by Robert Carlsen
  • Login Apple Developer Center -> Provisioning and read up on Distribution.

    YOu need to create the certificate and distribution profiles (App Store or Ah hoc) to let titanium build a zip file containing the final app.

    — answered April 2nd 2010 by Peter Lum
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