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JavaScript MVC frameworks

Has anyone successfully used existing JavaScript MVC frameworks, such as JavaScriptMVC, PureMVC, or SproutCore to build Titanium apps for Desktop or Mobile? Is this even a good idea, or would it be too hard to adapt them (especially for mobile).

— asked April 2nd 2010 by Zach Copley
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  • Ive used pureMVC successfully. works just fine. There are some tweaks you need to do though. More info here

    — answered December 16th 2010 by Martynas Bajoraitis
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    • great job on that! I had a basic knowledge of javascript, but following your guide I was able to achieve what I needed.
      As a skeleton application I followed this example:

      this made my day!

      — commented January 24th 2011 by Alberto Marcone
  • I'm not sure about adapting an existing MVC framework, but I have successfully built one for use in Ti. For me, it's the best way to organize and optimize large projects.

    For example, one project has around 25 views, with well over a hundred UI elements and several modules (XML, network, media, etc). It runs fast and is efficient across devices. Plus, it's largely modular, which let's me re-use chunks of code to quickly build additional features that already have cross platform support.

    So, yeah. I'd look into it if I were you.

    — answered April 4th 2010 by TZ Martin
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    • Anyone have a toturial built with titanium mvc to share?
      It will be helpful for us to start a new project with titanium.

      — commented September 30th 2010 by LAY Oro
  • You could also go about writing your own framework, however this would require a lot of time and attention to detail.

    I am currently in the stages of progressing a framework for Titanium using the model and controller methods. Because views and controllers are so closely implemented in Titanium it's best to keep them together but with some logic between the two.

    When the next version of CarPro is released I am looking at releasing the framework as open source, I will be happy to updated you when done.

    — answered February 7th 2011 by Steve Clarke
  • Yes, I did.

    Today I have built the JavascriptMVC Cookbook (sample application) on Titanium Desktop using the 1.1.0 SDK.

    — answered April 6th 2011 by João Pedro Barros
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