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Windows Mobile (winmo) 6.x Support

Any update on the Windows Mobile Roadmap?

Kind of weird considering iphone and windows mobile have the largest os base by quite a margin. No support for RIM (Blackberry) biggest selling mobile platform? (outsells iphone 1.2 to 1) Sounds like a mac-centric platform - I guess we have to read between the lines…

Maybe you could hire someone from xda? Otherwise we'll just have to reverse engineer a version, or vocally support one of the other equally as good open source products.

It's a deal breaker for most corporates looking to use mobile platforms.

— asked April 3rd 2010 by Chris Dawes
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4 Answers

  • Windows 6.5 is a lame duck. Wait for Windows Phone 7.

    — answered April 7th 2010 by Ryan Huff
  • still working on windows mobile plans. we are working on blackberry now.

    — answered April 3rd 2010 by Nolan Wright
  • > Sounds like a mac-centric platform - I guess we have to read between the lines…

    Umm, Android?

    — answered April 3rd 2010 by Rafael Hernandez
  • I am from Brazil. Here winmo 6.0 is a joke, an old joke.

    No one will invest in developing something to it but we were waiting for the next MS winmo killer for the last 3 years. In this time iPhone killed winmo. As Winmo 7 will need extra knowledge, is better to forget winmo 6.

    The only places that winmo 6 are in effect are places with special functions like a SD barcode reader or RFID reader device, but even those old devices are missing, some companies gave up to produce…

    Phones with winmo 6 are found only in Chinese clones bought from people with low budget that wants something looking as smartphone.

    Yes, there are some people… But developers don't care, as those people usually don't buy software here.

    — answered April 3rd 2010 by Ricardo Araujo
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    • winmo 6.x is (to this day (late 2012)) has over 90% of industrial/enterprise market. Consumer devices just cant stand up to heavy duty professional usage. What you are talking about is only the consumer side :-S

      — commented November 13th 2012 by Brian Burgess
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