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How to get a query string from a custom URL scheme from Safari?

I am implementing an oAuth based app, and part of the process is getting the Oauth Verifier from Safari comming from a Custom URL handle.

So Safari sends the following request to my app:


How can a get this query strings when my app starts?

— asked April 3rd 2010 by Antonio Silveira
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1 Answer

  • The oauth_callback end-point must be an Internet Url which is called by the remote service, it does not communicate with the client. To solve this use oauth_callback=oob (out-of-band): the service will provide the user with a pin that represents the oauth_verifier.

    With this library that I wrote, you can get it running in a few minutes, just 10 lines of code with the OAuth Adapter:

    var oAuthAdapter = new OAuthAdapter(
    // load the access token for the service (if previously saved)
    oAuthAdapter.send('https://api.twitter.com/1/statuses/update.json', [['status', 'hey @ziodave, I successfully tested the #oauth adapter with #twitter and @appcelerator #titanium!']], 'Twitter', 'Published.', 'Not published.');
    // if the client is not authorized, ask for authorization. the previous tweet will be sent automatically after authorization
    if (oAuthAdapter.isAuthorized() == false)
        // this function will be called as soon as the application is authorized
        var receivePin = function() {
            // get the access token with the provided pin/oauth_verifier
            // save the access token
        // show the authorization UI and call back the receive PIN function
        oAuthAdapter.showAuthorizeUI('http://twitter.com/oauth/authorize?oauth_token=' +
            oAuthAdapter.getRequestToken('http://twitter.com/oauth/request_token', [['oauth_callback', 'oob']]),
            receivePin, PinFinder.twitter);
    — answered July 2nd 2010 by David Riccitelli
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