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Titanium Developer Desktop Linux can't won't display flash swf


I have an appliction built using Titanium Developer 1.0 on ubuntu linux that needs to be able to display flash content that using flash player 1 0.

The content displays correctly when viewed through firefox, and when I tried opening the adobe flash test page via my Titanium application I get what seems to be the correct output:

Your Player Version: LNX 10,0,45,2
Debug Player: No

Operating System: Linux 2.6.32-19-
Video Capable: Yes
Audio Capable: Yes
LocalFile I/O Enabled: Yes

but whenever I try and view any flash 9 or 10 content I just get a grey square where the flash is supposed to display.

I tried compiling the same application on windows 7 and it displays of the flash content correctly, so I have no idea what I am doing wrong.

My project heavely relies on flash, so as you may imagine I am starting to panic and lose whats left of my hair. If anyone has any ideas on why I can't see flash content, I would be really greatful.

— asked April 3rd 2010 by Liam Manderson
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  • swf
  • titanium desktop

3 Answers

  • I'm having this exact same issue. The works in the desktop app when run on a Windows PC, but doesn't show up when running the app on OSX (Snow Leopard).

    I can see the flash is 'there' as I can right click where it should be and the Flash contextual menu shows up. I just can't see it.

    Were you able to find a solution for this?

    — answered December 10th 2010 by Kosso
  • I have run into this issue as well. Were you folks able to fix it?

    — answered July 11th 2011 by Gary Collins
  • did this get any solution? trying to do same thing

    — answered September 10th 2011 by d i
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