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Background image properties

I'm able to display a background image for a window but I'm wondering if there are undocumented properties pertaining to how it fits in the window? Right now, when viewed as part of a tab group, the 320x480 image is being squished into a smaller space (whatever the height is minus the nav bar and tab group). I'd rather be able to set some sort of property that tells the window to simply crop the background image to visible area, if that is possible.

— asked April 3rd 2010 by Rafael Hernandez
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  • image
  • iphone

2 Answers

  • Hi Rafael

    I had the same issue with an image 320 x 480. I basically recreated the image to fit with a Tabbar (minus navbar) which was 320 x 411. Would like to know if dynamic cropping is possible. I have noticed that the graphical elements usual need to be ajusted when topped and tailed with UI elements. just the visual balance. Not sure this could be done dynamically. I guess it depends on the visual itself. hope that helps.


    — answered April 3rd 2010 by Mark Pierce
  • Yes, I am looking for this as well….

    — answered April 4th 2010 by Peter Lum
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