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Mobile: Help to deploying a customized Switch control into the Titanium UI soure code?

I've looked into the titanium mobile's source code and was not able to find any references to the Ti.UI.createXXX() methods (Anyone knows where it was declared?).

I was wondering if I code a new customized Switch control class and have it deployed with the mobile source code. How can I make it available through the Ti.UI api?

Alternatively, if I develop a new module and attach the module to the Titanium. Will Ti.createXXX() support returning of a customized class object?

Please help!! thanks

— asked April 6th 2010 by William Xue
  • iphone
  • mobile
  • module
  • switch

2 Answers

  • I think there is a CreateSwitch function. Please check the kitchenSink app.


    — answered April 6th 2010 by Peter Lum
  • Yea. But the Switch control from Titanium could not be customized. It does not support customized text.

    — answered April 6th 2010 by William Xue
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