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Is anyone else building apps for iPad that...

I have two apps, entertainment tiles that are primarily UI based, and graphically oriented and use sounds.

Each runs fine in the simulator, but on the device, screech to a unsettling slow. (like, press a button, and hear the sound 6-10 secs later)

Oddly, the same app tweaked for iPhone runs beautifully. I see there is a new API 'TI.UI.iPad' but I haven't tested it, and it doesn't seem to support as many methods.

Is anyone running into slow performance on the iPad but good performance in the Simulator?

1.2 didn't really mae a diff.


— asked April 6th 2010 by Brendan Gallagher
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1 Answer

  • It's sort of hard to tell what your specific issue is. Can you give more specific details around what specifically is slow? It sounds like you're talking about sound files loading and playing?

    We've done a lot of testing with real apps (built on Titanium) on the device and it's very fast.

    For the new iPad APIs, we support the new SplitView and Popover control, as well as we've ported things like Option Dialogs and Media to the iPad to work for the new 3.2 APIs.

    — answered April 6th 2010 by Jeff Haynie
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