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KitchenSink not running in android emu

I did a complete remove and reinstall of both titanium and android and the emulator still can not run kitchenSink. It runs just fine on the iPhone emulator.

I've tried hitting the launch button again after the android is already running, no luck.

If I create a new project, it loads in the andriod emulator just fine.

I am running Snow Leopard.

Here is the Trace from titanium: http://pastie.org/910708

— asked April 8th 2010 by Chris Richards
  • andriod
  • kitchensink
  • osx

1 Answer

  • Under the "Run Emulator" > "Android" tabs what version of the SDK are you running? Most likely, you're running a version that is either outdated or incompatible. Make sure you're using one that is "APIs 1.6" (or higher); it must explicitly be of "APIs …".

    I am running "APIs 2.1" and it runs just fine. :)

    — answered April 9th 2010 by Ben Babics
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