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How do you flush the search bar

I'd like to have a text ie: search written inside the search field and I would like this text to disapear when the search field gets the focus.

I tried this code but it does'nt work even with other events like click any ideas?

mySearch.addEventListener('focus', function(e)
    e.value=' ';

— asked March 12th 2010 by michel perrin
  • field
  • focus
  • search

1 Answer

  • I finally solved that by myself here's how the event argument is useless

    mySearch.addEventListener('focus', function(e)
        mySearch.value=' ';
    — answered March 13th 2010 by michel perrin
    1 Comment
    • you could use e.source.value = '';

      The e.source value is useful ;-)

      — commented March 23rd 2011 by Daniel Tome
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