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I am trying to accomplish what is normally a fairly simple SQL query, and having troubles getting it to work. My INSERT query works fine:

db.execute('INSERT INTO ' + tableName + ' (ID, DISPLAY ) VALUES(?,?)', displayOptionName, displayOptionValue);

But when I try the INSERT UPDATE version it doesn't work:

db.execute('INSERT INTO ' + tableName + ' (ID, DISPLAY ) VALUES(?,?) ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE DISPLAY = ?', displayOptionName, displayOptionValue, displayOptionValue);

I dare say I have just typed something wrong, but it is a little frustrating, the Kitchen Sink 3 examples dont seem to show this query in all it's glory. Is there a better way to get around the problem?

— asked April 9th 2010 by Dan Duke
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1 Answer

  • Ok, for others, a good link to use is: http://www.sqlite.org/lang_insert.html

    Just make sure you set up your database fields rrectly in the first place (PRIMARY KEY)

    — answered April 15th 2010 by Dan Duke
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