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Are you having the same problems I am with Webviews?

I am using Titanium 1.21 and Android 2.1.

To summarize the main problems I am facing:

1) Cannot get data from a webview to app.js

I've spent 2 days on this now, and nothing works. If I try to use evalJS, I get a forced close in the emulator. If I try to simply define a variable in the window like win1.something='abcd', I cannot retrieve it inside the webview.

2) Fireevent gets fired at least 2 times

This has been in the forum for a few weeks now, any idea when it's going to get fixed?

Anyone knows the status of these?

— asked April 10th 2010 by Alex Michaelis
  • android

2 Answers

  • i have/had a simlar issue took 3 days to figure it out, with not luck from the forum.
    I used something like this. (basiclly a details screen pushing data to a webview. I'm sure you could reverse it

                        webview.addEventListener('load', function()
                                Ti.App.fireEvent('pageReady',{id:MyVar}); // sets the var to pass
    .... more code here

    then in the HTML page in the <script> tags I used:

    Ti.App.addEventListener('pageReady',function(e) // catches the passed var
            alert('the id is' + id); // shows ID idin debugger.
            id = (set var here)

    Not sure if this will help, I can't seem to find the example I used to refer to.

    Hope it helps

    — answered April 10th 2010 by Jeffrey Messick
  • But why should we work with ugly workarounds, if this feature should work on both platforms the same, according to Passind Data section in window documentation

    i have this feeling that the iPad hype will let us wait long for a fix of this obvious bug in android implementation. And thats maybe the answer why we need ugly workarounds ;)

    someone else an idea?

    thx, bye.

    — answered April 10th 2010 by Martin Lasak
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