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Can't launch android emulator with 1.2.1

I've been trying to build a new project with Titanium 1.2.1. I'm able to create the project and all the files appear to find their way to the new app's directory.

The issue comes with running it. There is no emulator option available and the run on device option says the project isn't configured to run on Android.

I've read other related threads about moving old emulated SD cards. Neither seem to apply to me.

I've been using the Android SDK with version 1.5 revision 3. I have one emulator built using the SDK.

I was going to try swapping the android.py, as suggested earlier, but I can't locate a directory for the mobilesdk on my windows 7 system. I have found the directory where it should be in c:users%username%appdataroaming but there is no mobilesdk in it.

This makes me wonder if I'm missing the SDK… but when I click on the download link of the product site labeled for the mobile sdk, it just starts auto-downloading the same titanium studio 1.2.1 installer I already have.

Is there another download link just for the mobile sdk I'm missing?


— asked April 10th 2010 by Dekker Dreyer
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3 Answers

  • Do you have a build/android directory?

    — answered April 10th 2010 by Damien Elmes
  • Please see http://developer.appcelerator.com/question/15041/bug-12-not-generating-build-files for a possible solution

    — answered April 10th 2010 by Damien Elmes
  • I get a directory with my app's name. In the root of it is tiapp.xml and various logs. There is a resources folder on level lower which houses an app.js file and two ui related png images. There is an empty directory within this one called Android.

    Is this the build directory? I haven't used a previous version of titanium, so I'm at a loss for the files that would be in a build folder. My previous experience for android is with eclipse.

    I was tinkering with the newest kitchensink and I get the emulator view in titanium, but the SDK pulldown constantly says "loading… " same with the screen size pulldown. Is this related?

    UPDATE: I've done a clean install after removing eclipse, the jdk, the android sdk, and titanium.

    I've examined the director structure for kitchensink and noticed the folders "build" and "modules" are absent from the project folders I've created on my own. Additionally, Titanium now finds my emulators correctly after the wipe and install and runs without issue. My original projects still do not show tabs for emulation and still tell me they can't be deployed on my android device.

    I am still missing a directory for the mobile sdk.

    UPDATE 2: I spoke too soon. Although kitchensick initializes correctly in the debug console of titanium it never actually runs on the emulator. I can't find any icon or other indication that it exists on the virtual card.

    — answered April 10th 2010 by Dekker Dreyer
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