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How Do I Store Data For My App? :)

So I'm starting to get going with Titanium (for iPhone/iPad), and I must say it is quite impressive. However, I'm a newbie when it comes to databases of any kind. I was looking through the API documentation, but it doesn't seem to offer much info on the database classes, so I was wondering if anyone could just direct me to some resources/tutorials for learning how to store data for my apps.

Or, is there any way to create or modify XML files with the APIs? Because I'm very comfortable working with XML, but I know with pure javascript editing files isn't possible.

Anyway, thanks for any help!

— asked April 11th 2010 by Bill Labus
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2 Answers

  • Hello Bill,

    Because you didn't mention the "KitchenSink" in your message, I just wanted to check: have you seen and imported the KitchenSink app? It's like Appcelerator's "reference app" for Titanium Mobile. We all spend a lot of time looking through their code to see what's what.

    In case you hadn't seen it, it's here. And it has database examples in it.

    Hope that helps,


    — answered April 12th 2010 by Bill Dawson
  • Oh my god that's a gold mine! Can't believe I didn't think of checking that out. :) Anyway, thanks alot!

    — answered April 12th 2010 by Bill Labus
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