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How strong is the desire to go back to a

… CLASSIC FORUM. (Sorry, my title got cut).

I've noticed that a fair amount of people say they don't like the style of Q&A forum here – i.e., the "stackoverflow" style as opposed to the old, "classic" style.

Of course, it could be that loads and loads of people are absolutely thrilled with this current format, but we don't hear from them since they are pleased with the status quo.

As there is no way to put a poll up here, I put one at my website if anyone cares to vote on it. Totally unscientific, of course, but I'm interested nonetheless.

— asked April 12th 2010 by Bill Dawson
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3 Answers

  • Accepted Answer

    So I have just launched a dedicated Titanium forum -


    Drop by and discuss Titanium.


    — answered April 16th 2010 by Sam Shupac
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    • Of course your link to your website is broken (you are missing http://). Not a good start, Sam. ;)

      — commented August 11th 2011 by Dawson Toth
  • New forums are good but I would love to get a little more API Documentation , or at least better examples thats where I think they should start. my 2 cents

    — answered April 12th 2010 by scott castov
  • I am actually working on this as we speak!
    I have noticed the frustration of some users here, as well as my own, so i have taken it upon myself to set something up.

    It is based on Vanilla (www.getvanilla.com) and i am looking into setting up syntax highlighters and the like so that it can be used properly without looking a mess.

    I could be mad for taking this on but i think the community needs it! I don't want to take away any credit from the Appcelerator boys, because after all they are doing a fantastic job, but the users seem to crying out for a standard forum.

    A standard forum would also allow for discussion, whereas on here its more structured for Q&A.
    I am open to thoughts and feedback on this, we shall see what comes of it.

    …await another post on here about this in the near future with a URL.


    — answered April 12th 2010 by Sam Shupac
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