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Set text color in tableView

I have a dead simple tableView that is set to a transparent background that shows a (mostly) black background beneath.

I want to set the text for the table rows to white, but I can't figure it out for the life of me. I have checked the docs expecting to be able to pass color to the tableView constructor, or add it as an element of the data array. I am trying to avoid the extra code of creating tableViewRows and setting the color of a label. Is that the only way?

— asked March 13th 2010 by Jackson Miller
  • color
  • tableview
  • tableviewrow

2 Answers

  • Accepted Answer

    Currently, you would have to have a label object within your row then you can set the color property on the Label. I will create a ticket around being able to set the color and selectedColor of the title attribute for the simple cases.

    — answered March 13th 2010 by Nolan Wright
  • So. Did anything happen with this in the last 2 years? Would be a nice feature if we could simply set font colours instead of having to add labels and complicating the whole matter….

    — answered September 23rd 2011 by Robert Turrall
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    • found. scrub that.

      — commented September 23rd 2011 by Robert Turrall
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