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Tabs on detail view, but not on list view


I've started using Titanium Mobile just today, and figuring things out with the Kitchen Sink application. I'm not sure what the difference between windows and views is, and I really miss a nice tutorial, but so far so good.

However, I am trying to create a list with tabbed detail views and this is not going so great. I've made a simple mockup of what I am trying to do here: http://www.bolhoed.net/media/mockup.pdf. Basically I want to create a list, where each item has a detail page. That detail page is split into 3 different tabs, and on each tab you should be able to go back to the list.

The first problem I have is that it seems I have to use a tabGroup on the list page with one tab, even though I don't want to show tabs there. If I don't use a tabGroup, the menu with the back button doesn't show. I can set the tabBarHidden property on the main window, so at least that one tab doesn't show.

However, on the detail page I do want to show 3 tabs. I've tried creating another tabGroup with 3 tabs, and this works beautifully. Well, apart from the fact that the link back to the list view doesn't show, since this is a new tabGroup with no connection to the previous one.

So, I am struggling with this tabs/view/windows mess. It seems such a simple thing to do, and I am sure I am missing something here. Any help is greatly appreciated!


— asked April 13th 2010 by Kevin Renskers
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3 Answers

  • Hi,

    Tabs should really be used as your main/root navigation to various windows in your app. (you can then add views to these windows - imageViews, tableViews, etc.) - You can also hide the tabs if you need to - and even just have one tab and hide that, if you like.

    So, you have your list (a tableView) and you want a user to click an entry and see more details. Do this by firing an event from the tableView row click to open a new 'window' (this will/can slide in automatically from the right) - at this point, you can choose to hide the navigation tab if you like

    Then, on your new window with information, you could create a 'window toolbar', which you can make work just like a tab, to give you the different bits of info you need to show.

    Once you try a few tihing out, suddenly it will all make sense and the lightbulb will go off above your head, creating a tsunami of new ideas! :)

    Best of luck! Don't give up! ;)

    — answered April 14th 2010 by Kosso
  • I've also zipped my resources folder with the code I have so far. Everything works, except that from the detail page you can't you back to the list page. If someone can look at the code (it's very simple) that would be great.


    — answered April 13th 2010 by Kevin Renskers
  • I have tried using a TabbedBar on the detail page, but it seems a bit harder to get to work, compared to just normal tabs: it's not really clear to me how to switch the contents on the page to a different view. A TabbedBar is not mapped to windows like a TabGroup is.

    — answered April 14th 2010 by Kevin Renskers
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