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Android on windows - please confirm its wacked!

Hi All,
as a bit of a titan newbie (but with 12 years web dev experience)I have had a mare trying to get the titan dev to allow me to create a new project, and then switch to 'Test&Package' to run the emulator. Infact I still cannot do it, even using the Q&A 'fixes'. If I change the android.py file, it then does not allow me to create a mobile project at all.
However I can run the Kitchen Sink on launch it in the sdk using titan Dev, so I know the environment is sweet.

So I have 2 questions -

1) is anybody running Titam dev on XP with the ability to create android projects and run them in the SDK?

2)Can the appcelerator devs please confirm if at this moment in time the titan developer (1.2.1) app will develope for Android?

Many thanks

— asked April 13th 2010 by Ade stu

5 Answers

  • I'm having the same issue in XP. I can run the Kitchen Sink all day, but when I create a new project I don't have any options in "Run Emulator".

    — answered April 13th 2010 by Aaron Linn
  • It's not limited to XP, same thing happens to me on OSX Snow Leopard.

    Until there's an official fix, workaround is to create the project under 1.1.2 (or whatever old mobilesdk version you have), and then edit it to 1.2.0 after the project is created.

    — answered April 13th 2010 by Nick Wing
  • There are many threads here about this. It's a bug, and there's a fix available. You have to download a single .py file, I think, and overwrite one of the files in your installation. Then it works.

    — answered April 13th 2010 by Mark Burggraf
  • okay have sussed out that the reason Titan is not working is becouse it is failing to create a build folder when a new project is created. (yes this has been discussed before, but nobody makes it easy to find things on this notice board…where are the stickies?)
    It would appear that even if you make the code changes as specified to the android.py file it still fails to create the build folder.
    However, if you cut and paste the build folder from kitchen sink into your project folder then android option appears in 'Test&Package'.
    You may want to check your xml files and manifest files to ensure it inherits correct settings and not those set by kitchensink.

    Hope this helps somebody

    — answered April 14th 2010 by Ade stu
  • update: Need to make a quick sorry to the dev team. Their change in the android.py does work after all.
    You need to look to the left of the code on the gist file (http://github.com/appcelerator/titanium_mobile/commit/55fea80fe28a5940b890c2291ec68b7a756a3c27) and make the changes to the lines specified with the '-' to delete line, and the '+' to add line at the relevent line numbers.
    Mind you even after doing this and creating a new project it took two project creations for it to take effect.
    So sorry guys, my bad.
    right 2 days later and im ready to roll….

    — answered April 14th 2010 by Ade stu
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