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Examples in API Docs

In the old docs we could go in and add examples. Is there a way to add / edit examples in the new docs? I am not finding it.

I had done this numerous times in the old docs and felt that it helped us help the community. Especially while documentation is still catching up a little.

(Really glad you went with the StackOverflow system for the Q&A though)

— asked March 13th 2010 by Jackson Miller
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    no, this ability has been removed.

    — answered December 28th 2010 by Tony Guntharp
  • I stumbled upon this link, which looks like much better documented than the online API docs. Is there any way I can see a list of those pdf's, because I cannot find it anywhere!!

    — answered January 6th 2012 by Mendel Broekhuijsen
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