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Using Raphael.js (JS drawing library) in a Mobile App

Okay, so I am wondering if any one has successfully implemented the Rafael Library into their app. I am hoping to use it in combination with webView but unfortunately the compiler comes up with A LOT of errors and won't compile. Does anyone A) know a work around, or B) know how I can fix these errors. Thanks

— asked April 13th 2010 by Tyler Johnson
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    I did it :)
    The problem is that Titanium checks every .js file, I guess because it thinks these files are application logic. What I did was change the extension from raphael-min.js to raphael-min.js.lib, and onto WebView html doc, import the scripts with the renamed names, obviously.
    It works like a charm for me.
    Hope this helps.

    — answered October 4th 2010 by jordi domenech
    • Thanks for the follow up! I'm looking to start using this library as well.

      — commented July 4th 2012 by Freddie C
    • i have Tried it but it is not working …..

      plz suggest me any other way…

      — commented July 3rd 2014 by Dilip Ingole
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