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write file

I would like to write a text file (.txt) , in which I use the following code:

var file1 = Titanium.Filesystem.getFile(Titanium.Filesystem.resourcesDirectory, 'test.txt');
var cont;
if (file1.exists()) {
    cont = file1.read();
    alert("File exists");
} else {
    file1.write('Hello World...');
    cont = file1.read();
    Ti.API.info("File save");
    alert("File1 : "+cont.text);

This code doesn't cause me any problem in the simulator, but when I put it in th Iphone it doesn't work.

Can somebody help me please?

— asked April 14th 2010 by Jaime Ortiz
  • iphone
1 Comment
  • You have to use


    instead of


    Because resourceDirectory is only working on simulator

    — commented July 5th 2011 by Jiale He

1 Answer

  • I was pulling my hair out with the filesystem earlier this week. The simulator was giving me one thing and I couldn't tell what I was getting on my iPhone end.

    In your code have an alert that pops up and telling you if the var file1 is writable. This way you know for sure. I had to use the temp directory.

    — answered April 15th 2010 by Ryan Gartin
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