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Webviews and fireEvent

Is there anyway to return a value to the webview after a fireEvent has been called? I don't want to use evalJS…

This is a quick test tried (which obviously doesn't work but it gives you an idea):

In my webview:

function test(){

In my local js:

Titanium.App.addEventListener('test', function(e){
    Ti.API.info('Test local');
    return 'Test webview';

Is there a way to do anything like this? I know I can do something similar with evalJS, but it won't work quite the way I want it to….

— asked April 14th 2010 by JT Jankowiak
  • fireevent
  • return
  • webview

1 Answer

  • You need to setup a callback function, another event to fire back at the original file.

    Titanium.App.addEventListener('01', function(e){
       // do something
       Titanium.App.fireEvent('02', {return_value: 'return value'});
    Titanium.App.addEventListener('02', function(e){
       // do something with e.return_value;
    — answered January 13th 2012 by Dallas Clark
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