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Install Fail On Windows

I'm trying install Titanium Developer in my Windows 7 desktop.

During install two requests are executed. First request get de url for SDK, an Response.Redirect is executed and a second request to get the file (sdk-1.0.0.zip). Using firefox i can see some problem when i try download it. The download is fast but does not end. In last bytes the download wait for nothing…

Full Description in http://pastie.org/922676


— asked April 16th 2010 by Luiz Carlos Faria
  • download
  • fail
  • install
  • sdk
  • windows7

2 Answers

  • Maybe an temp internet problem. I am using Windows 7 64-bit and firefox. So far, so good.

    — answered April 16th 2010 by Peter Lum
  • i've downloaded the full pack and it is installed now on my pc.
    but the problem is that i cant login using my Login & pwd!! it tells me that im not connected to the internet!! if u wish i can give the url i got the sdk from!!

    — answered January 5th 2011 by Fadwa jerbi
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