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Android not configured

Hi all

I'm a new Titanium developer. When I create a new mobile project, both of the SDK are found. But in the Run Emulator i can't see the android emulator, Titanium says " This project is not configured to run for Android".

Maybe someone know…

Thanks :)

— asked April 16th 2010 by Nicolas Gerbault
  • android
  • configuration
  • emulator
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  • run

2 Answers

  • check these to fix your issue..

    1)java jdk1.6 updated to 19th update..

    that is the problem and i guess you have to replace the android.py(search for it in your box)with the new andrid.py…try searching for android.py in the search bar above and use the link by don thrope….

    check out my query and its response.. [ http://developer.appcelerator.com/question/15891/android-error-test-tab-seems-to-e-blank ]

    — answered April 16th 2010 by Satta Ravi
  • I raised a similar questions - see the response to that one:


    Newbie - Windows 7 / Android installation instructions/versions

    — answered April 16th 2010 by Ben Nathan
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