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API Documentation

Would it not be nice if the community could expand the current api documentation with additional information and examples?

For example in Titanium.UI.WebView I could then insert a additional note;
quote from Mark Eggers => The only Titanimim APIs you can use from within the html used in a webview are Ti.API.info and Ti.App.addEventListener and Titanium.App.fireEvent

and a perfect example to pass a variable to the webview would be this post: http://developer.appcelerator.com/question/2751/cant-access-variables-from-a-web-view#6751

— asked April 18th 2010 by Otacon Overdrive
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2 Answers

  • This is a great idea. It would REALLY help the documentation come along faster.

    — answered April 18th 2010 by Mark Burggraf
  • I agree. Make it a wiki!

    — answered May 24th 2010 by Chris Haff
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