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Subversioning a titanium project

Hi there,

I'm about to migrate my growing Titanium projects into hosted subversion repositories, so I was wondering - do folks put the entire project in or just the 'resources' folder? (I'm guessing it's cleaner to do the whole thing, incl 'build', etc.)


— asked April 18th 2010 by Chris Reed
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2 Answers

  • We're using Mercurial (if you're not familiar with it, it's worth looking into – hosting 5 projects on Bitbucket.org is only $5.00/mo).

    The concept should be the same for svn, though – you should ignore the build folder and put everything else under source control. You definitely don't want to be moving the build folder over the network.

    — answered April 19th 2010 by Mark Burggraf
  • Just the resource folder and maybe the platform folder if I have something custom built in the Manifest file.

    — answered February 26th 2012 by Daniel Urstöger
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