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Sending XML to a server and getting a response

I'm needing to send a piece of XML to my server, the server sends a response and then my mobile app interprets the XML the server send back to me.

I was looking in the xhr_xml.js in the kitchen sink files and get how to handle the data once I get it back, but I can't find and documentation or questions regarding sending the XML.

Formatting it as a it like a URL eg (http//www.example.com?data=1&moredata=2) is not an option unfortunately.

Any help or pointing me in the right direction would be great.


— asked April 18th 2010 by Shaun Ellithorpe

2 Answers

  • Accepted Answer

    Format the data as you wish and do

    // Create the AJAX connection
        var xhr = Titanium.Network.createHTTPClient();
        // set the URL
        var data = {}; // your data formatted however you want it
        // trigger the HTTP call

    Where "data" is your data object (can be named whatever you want)

    — answered April 18th 2010 by Raul Riera
  • good info raul!

    — answered April 18th 2010 by danno watts
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