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alert "movie format is not supported"

Hello all,

I have a strange bug only on some iPhones. I try to show a movie (h264) with .mov suffix and get an alert "this movie format is not supported". On iPod touch it works just fine.

Is there a "save" format? mp4?

many thanx,

— asked April 19th 2010 by florian spier
  • h264
  • movie

1 Answer

  • I'm also having trouble with this one. I had converted my h.264 mp4 videos to iPod, iPhone, and iPad versions (by iTunes -> Advanced menu), but they give the "this movie format is not supported" dialog box on my iPod Touch. However, they play fine in the emulator.

    I also noted two things:

    • iPod/iPhone/iPad versions are essentially h.264 mp4s.
    • the mp4 supplied with Kitchen Sink works fine, probably because it is not h.264

    So, can we add support for h.264 mp4s?

    — answered May 23rd 2010 by I Singh
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