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Mobile: Someone from Appcelerator Team, please advice on how to write a customize module for iphone in-app subscription

Hi Team,

This is my xth post on the subject. I do understand the in-app subscription module is planned for the summer release.

But my iphone app need it bad!

I am willing to spend my own time developing a customized module for it.

I've tried creating a module by following the module documentation, however it seems that the Storekit framework is not compilble.

Could someone from the team advice me on how it can be implemented? Or at least tell me its just not possible?

— asked April 20th 2010 by William Xue
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4 Answers

  • The best place to start is at the Module SDK programming guide.

    We're going to be releasing some new module SDK and new modules in the may release. Storekit is on the list but not sure when it will be officially available just yet. The module SDK is pretty easy to understand if you have objective-c experience.

    — answered April 20th 2010 by Jeff Haynie
  • BTW I've tried to follow Appcelerator and jhaynie on Twitter but not getting any response.

    My acc: williamycx

    — answered April 20th 2010 by William Xue
  • Hi William,

    I thought I'd just interject here for a second, though I know you really want an Appcelerator staffer to respond (perhaps one will.)

    This is such a big feature and such a big deal – one that I imagine they are probably already working on or at least thinking about how they are going to tackle. I just don't think it's likely that they are going to pause to instruct someone else on the "ins and outs" of getting the Storekit stuff in there and compile-able. There's a reason it's on a roadmap for a future release: because they either don't have the time to work on it just yet, or they are already working on it and predict it will be ready by July. If it's because they don't have time to work on it yet, then they're likely not going to want to spend time helping you develop it either.

    So I think probably you're not going to get the kind of response you hope for. Maybe I'm wrong… Hopefully! :)

    It sounds like you might know your way around Objective-C and XCode pretty well, since you were thinking of making a module. If that's the case, I would say your best bet is to develop the iPhone app with native tools, if you really do need something urgently which Appcelerator is not forecasting to be available until July.

    Anyway, those were my two cents. I do wish you the best of luck with your project.



    — answered April 20th 2010 by Bill Dawson
  • I appreciated both Bill and Jeff for your time and effort on answering my question.

    Bill, perhaps you were right. It seems like develop a native xcode iphone project is the way to go before the July release.

    Thanks anyway!

    — answered April 20th 2010 by William Xue
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