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I am trying to integrate an rss feed into my iphone app. I am having trouble getting the info to show up and can't figure out why. I am using the example code [xml_rss.js] from kitchen sink, and tested the example rss feed [http://v2.0.news.tmg.s3.amazonaws.com/feeds/news.xml], so I know it works. The problem occurs when I try to "GET" the rss feed [http://www.gousfbulls.com/rss.dbml?db_oem_id=7700&media=news.xml].

No errors are compiling in the emulator, and have found myself at a dead end.

Any assistance would be much appreciated.

— asked April 20th 2010 by Sean DeChellis
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    Hey Sean,

    It's not working because the code in the example is counting on images being in the XML, so if you remove that part the titles from the feed will display.

    Here's a modified version of the Kitchen Sink example, I've commented out the parts that were getting in the way so you can see where they were:


    The alignment will be a bit off but you can change the left property of label object to fix that.

    Hope that helps.

    — answered April 20th 2010 by Dan Giulvezan
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