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What is the idea of this section os Q&A, if no ones from appcelerator gives any responds???

sorry, but I left a question regarding how to get access on login screen when you hava a proxy with authentication. If I am going to test your tool and you expect to sell me that tool, I just wish to start working on it, so I need to log in.
Therefore, no answer from Appcelerator, no trial or interest from developer, no selling; that's definetly is a non win-to-win schema.!


— asked April 21st 2010 by Flavio Passa
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6 Answers

  • As far as I know, you can do login with proxy like normal you would do if you got a web-application.

    Maybe I could help you, cause I´m very familiar with http-authentication and got enough knowledge with titanium in that case too.

    What is you environment? Did you mean http-authentication (htacces) or what specially? What kind of proxy?

    — answered April 21st 2010 by Marc Bender
  • I am behind a proxy on port 80, which also has authentication to get network access. In this moment, I have access via browser, skype, googletalk, etc. But Titanium allways shows me the same error instantly:

    Requested time out, make sure you are online

    Therefore, I can't do anything. In fact there is not option to configure a proxy and cloud image at botton-right is gray as well as the indicator of network. But again, this only happens with Titatinum, the rest apps works fine with internet connection.

    — answered April 21st 2010 by Flavio Passa
  • You mean, Titanium Developer is not working, it is not a problem when developing your app?

    In that case, you need to now what kind of proxy you are using…. SOCKS proxy?

    Did you tried http://www.proxifier.com (for MAC)?
    With this tool you can configure you whole traffic or even single applications to use a specific proxy connection… and with this Titanium Developer should work too….


    I just checked it out with "Charles Proxy" and Titanium Developer is connection to
    api.appcelerator.net on port 443

    Therefore you need the proxifier tool to map this connection access to port 80 on your proxy…. but maybe… your proxy will not allow connections on port 443 …. (SSL)?

    — answered April 21st 2010 by Marc Bender
  • I have same environment and I made TD working. The problem is that TD also uses ICMP packets to check is connection available or not. First, you need to set HTTP_PROXY variable in the form http://user:password@host:port and you also need to comment out some code of TD, which checks network availability. Right now I can't give more info, since I'm at home, but I'm talking about office environment. If the problem still exists, I'll give more info on Monday

    — answered April 23rd 2010 by Konstantin Vorobyev
  • I think Konstantin Vorobyev could give us more information on this subject.

    I am passing through the same problem. Using Windows, behind a NTLM (Windows) network which uses NTLM authentication. I tried adding the HTTP_PROXY environment variable in the format http://user:pass@server:port but even though it didn't work.

    I am still looking forward to finding a solution so I'll be able to simply log into TD. I use it with my Mac but I am also trying to use it in my PC at work.

    FYI, I also tried to change appcelerator.xml file (Program Files/Titanium Developer/Resources/appcelerator.xml) and it also caused nothing.

    Any new ideas?

    — answered June 30th 2010 by Glauber Rodger
  • I confirm Appcelerator DOES NOT work behind a proxy (a SOCKS 5 proxy, correctly configured for ANY other app).

    No answer from those people.

    Too bad.

    Really not a good way to start working with this product.

    — answered February 10th 2011 by Alberto Catania
    • Alberto

      If you have an issue, please open your own question and explain it properly.

      Thank you.

      — commented February 10th 2011 by Paul Dowsett
    • I just found the answer in another post.
      (I had to set the SOCKS_PROXY env var properly)

      Please note you mention in the documentation that Titanium Developer and the Mobile and Desktop SDKs are tested using Windows 7 and XP.

      Nevertheless, the step-by-step installation guide is available for Windows 7 only, which could be misleading in some way.

      With regards

      — commented February 11th 2011 by Alberto Catania
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